Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Fun

Adam I had such a fun weekend and it is sad that it went so quickly.  Friday we had a lazy night and it was perfect after a hectic week back from spring break.  Bright and early Saturday the alarm went of so Adam could start weekend #2 of turkey hunting.  Turkey season is my favorite hunting Adam does! Well this was definitely Adam’s morning not the gobblers, but I am excited for some mojo fried turkey!

DSC_0016 (2)

Poor Sadie didn’t know what to think of it all.  She kept circling Adam and trying to get close for a sniff to figure it all out. 

DSC_0025 (2)

After I snapped a few pictures I went in side but Sadie stayed for all the clean up action.  I would say she stayed close by Adam, because she has souvenir stains on her head.  Gross!

DSC_0033 (2)

Once all cleaned up we headed to open day of baseball for our nephew’s first T-ball game.  Boy were they cute.  It was like a clip in Funniest Home Video’s!  The children just watched the baseball roll past them and they looked up and proceed to wave to their families like they had just done something by watching the ball roll past them.  HA!  Our nephew Warren was so cute in his uniform.  I can’t remember the last time I watched a T-ball game but I was afraid they were going to make these little tykes play more than one inning.  Each time up bat each children gets a chance at bat.  They first get pitched to and then hit it off the Tee if they can hit the pitched ball.  The children hardly even know where to run to when they hit the ball.  I love the picture of Warren where his coach is next to him pointing to where he needs to run.  So cute! The “purple'” team they were playing was all girls and I love the picture of the girls in the outfield playing in the dirt, talking and accessorizing their head with their pink mitt.  It was fun to go out and support this little guy for his first game.  The baseball field was the place for Mrs. Whitehurst' to be.  I say 7 of my students and many of Mrs. Inman’s student playing in their games.  It was fun to hug them and wish them luck or get a quick wave from the field.  Adam said I am NOT suppose to wave at the children when they are playing in the field.  Oh well I couldn’t help it.  DSC_0034 (2)DSC_0037 (2)DSC_0049 (2)DSC_0055 (2)DSC_0060


We had a relaxing afternoon checking out the watermelon field and hanging around the house in anticipation of the gator basketball game.

Last Sunday…



This Saturday…


The watermelon sure are growing and I can’t wait to taste them come May! What was tasty is the delicious pork loin my man cooked us for dinner.  I had to take a but before I could even get a picture.  Yum!


The gator game wasn’t what we had hoped for but it didn’t put a damper on this gorgeous spring evening! 


Sunday after church we head to Gainesville to pick up our friends Chris and Lesley to head to Susan and Andy’s wedding.  The destination…Orange Park and we took the most out of the way route to get there but at least we laughed the entire way. Lesley and I went to through the UF Proteach program with Susan.  Susan and I have been through the emotional rollercoaster teaching  causes you to experience and I was so happy to be a witness to their beautiful marriage.


The ceremony was beautiful with scriptures read about Christian marriage.  May God be the third cord in your marriage to keep it strong…Amen to that!  We had such a great time talking, singing, dance, eating and laughing.  On the way out of the reception we stopped to have a photo montage as our final good by to Orange Park!  These pictures crack me up!  It was a great weekend and one I will cherish.  My hope is you had a blessed weekend with your family too.

March 2011


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  1. OH.MY.WORD. I am dying at the collage of pics at the bottom. My favorite is the one of you and Adam and he looks like he's doing the "kitty wants candy" meow. I need a copy of that to keep around just to make me laugh. :) Also, dying that Sadie had turkey blood on her head. Gracious!
    The wedding looked beautiful!!! SO fun!