Wednesday, March 30, 2011

San Diego Day 3 and 4

Bonnie moved to California in June of 2010 and it was because of the her cousins Windus and Kurt.  They had space in their home to offer and Bonnie was willing to begin an adventure she never thought she would have.  I am so happy for Bonnie to be out their living out this dream.  I got the chance to meet Windus and Kurt and their new baby boy, Bradley on Sunday at brunch.  Brunch was delicious and I got to eat blue potatoes for the first time.  They have a very different flavor but one that I enjoyed. 


The restaurant we ate brunch at was right on the beach as you can see behind me in the above picture.  Bonnie and I went for a walk on the beach after.  Bonnie wanted me to finally put my feet in the cold, cold Pacific Ocean.




There are all these great beach towns all around San Diego and Bonnie had a few she wanted to make sure I saw before I left.  We drove up the coast to Carlsbad and stopped at a few “look out” points.  The marine fog was covering the sun and with the wind it was a bit chilly but still beautiful!



Before we headed back to her place we stopped off at the “meditation” gardens in Encinitas. The gardens were phenomenal and built right on the cliffs.  It was definitely a sight to see. 


California 20112California 20111

When we got home you will not believe what I could see from the back porch!  HOT AIR BALLOONS!!  They were taking off from a field just down from Bonnie’s place.  I felt like I was in the movie “The Ugly Truth!”


For dinner that night my dad had told me about this awesome Italian restaurant in the Gas Lamp district of San Diego called de Medici Cucina Italiano.  If you know my dad you know he loves food and would not steer us in the wrong direction.  The food, the service, and the conversation was just awesome.  I wouldn’t have traded that time with Bonnie. 


We called it an early night since we had big plans the last day!

My Last Day…

Can’t go to Southern California and not make a stop at the San Diego Zoo!  We got there shortly after the zoo opened and hit up the Sea Lion show first.  After we just walked around, rode the motorized walk ways, and the sky ride ( I know you are surprised , but I didn’t look down almost the entire time). 


California 20113California 20114California 20115

Next stop after the zoo was the Coronado Bridge and a drive through Coronado.  We jumped onto the freeway and I finally got to see these traffic lights in action since it was Monday and the traffic was heavier.  So for those that don’t know this because I surely didn’t they have lights on the freeway to control entry traffic.  When the light is red you have to stop of course and when the light turns green only 2 cars are allowed to enter the freeway.  It was crazy but it works.  DSC_0358


The Coronado Bridge

DSC_0580Downtown San Diego

After our spin through Coronado and seeing the Navy base Bonnie had one last place she wanted me to see before it was airport time.  The Pacific Beach Boardwalk!  It looked and felt like the boardwalks in all the California movies. We ate dinner in a restaurant on the boardwalk and watched the sunset!  It was gorgeous and a beautiful way to spend my last hours in California! 



Good Bye Cali!  Thanks for a fantastic trip Bonnie!!!



  1. such a fun way to spend your last two days!!!! GREAT pics!!! :)

  2. WOW--you got some GREAT pictures!! We are glad you had a good time and are home safe and sound!