Tuesday, May 18, 2010

15 Days with my 18

With 15 DAYS left of this school year, I have been far away from blog world.  I can't believe my days are number as these little guys teacher.  These little ones have CHANGED my life this year.  Their laughter, their intelligence, their sneezes, their smiles, their love are unforgettable.   My heart aches knowing I will have to send my first graders to the big second grade!  Their hair cuts are different, their teeth have fallen out, they've grown inches taller.  MOST have learned to be respectful, when it is time to lend a helping hand, and how to say their sorry because lets face it we have all made mistakes.  They have learned to tell time, read chapter books, write silly and serious stories, that Earth makes water (that blew their little minds), and how as a team we can run our own class restaurant.  I can go on and on with what I exposed them to but, I think the difference with this class was their enthusiasm to learn and be challenged.  They were never afraid to ask a question and in a world full of questions to be asked I am thrilled they are fearless.  Last year, I had the most amazing teachers surround me with love, guidance, and hope that each year you will feel like you prepared your students better than the year before.  I can say this is true...I am so THANKFUL my students challenged me as their leader and teacher.  It's hard to think it could get better than this next year, but who wouldn't want to hope for such an amazing experience with 18 new children!



  1. awwww, it is sad that your time with them is almost over! Your love and tenderness toward them makes my heart smile. :) I know you will miss them, but it's almost summer break which means beach vaca & my neighbor will be home!!! So I am pretty excited!!!! :)

  2. That is SO SWEET!!!! I love that you are so tenderhearted towards "your children"!!!!