Monday, June 1, 2009

Dreaming of a Jeep.....

Just over two weeks ago Adam and I were sitting on the beach in Daytona enjoying some fun in the sun. I of course was reading one of my many professional development books, and enjoying the warm breeze. Adam was researching his jeep magazine we pick up at Walmart the night before, planning what accessories we would buy when we finally got our jeep. Then we began hearing honking and loud music, we turned around to find about 500 jeeps from the Orlando Jeep Club rolling down the beach. It was crazy and we sat there quietly thinking one day...we will have our Jeep Rubicon Unlimited with an army green paint job!
The Jeep Parade

Little did we know, Adam's dad (Pappy) also had the jeep bug. Pappy told Adam he wanted a jeep for the farm and for all the family to use and drive, so he gave him a budget and said happy hunting. Adam found a deal for Pappy and last Thursday Adam pulled up our driveway in the jeep. Talk about the kid in the candy store smirk, he had it alright. Pappy told Adam it is his job to keep up with the jeep, and I don't think he minded at all!

Adam in the new Jeep

Already I can see many future memories being made in the Jeep. K, Adam's little sister is about to get her driver's permit and I have a feeling she is going to love driving this around. She tried it out the other night on the farm and I'd have to say it suited her well. Kellee, my mother-in-law squealed with excitement when she found out she could hook her mp3 player up to the radio. Annabelle, our niece, enjoyed her Daddy (DW) driving around...she giggled as she saw the cows and felt the warm evening breeze. We went driving around the farm with William and Stephanie on Friday night and we are already planning to take it to one of the GATOR games in the fall! Much fun to be had!



  1. How fun! Y'all are going to have a blast in that this summer. I can so see Kelsey in it once she gets her license.

  2. OH! SO FUN! Just think about driving down the beach with the sound of the waves and the wind....aaahhh....