Thursday, August 30, 2012

A first for me...

Adam was excited when he got home tonight. A tractor they are renting during peanut season was delivered and it was brand new...literally had 0 hours on it! As soon as our bellies were full he was ready to go try it out for a spin and midway he was ready to change seats. I was shocked, nervous, and excited all at once. He talked me through it, was patient with me and before I knew it I was rolling down the path! It wasn't too bad but not sure if I would be good at using it to pull a digger or baler. He wants me to pick some peanuts though so I better get pumped up :/ I love our small adventures together!


  1. So fun! I love your adventurous spirit. :)

  2. Love drivin those big ol' tractors!!!

  3. I knew you had it in you. :) i'm a proud w~s~m