Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our Life in Pictures

I was looking through our camera today and thought I haven’t blogged in forever and I have so many random pictures!  I began to think…WHERE DO I BEGIN?  I am just going to start at the first bunch of pictures and go from there. 

Sadie and my families dog, Bootsie met for the first time in August!  Sadie is not a dog who does well with other dogs but she survived and there was never any blood. 



I got to visit with my Granddaddy and Grandmommy while in Tampa!  It was a great visit and makes me wish I could get to Tampa more often.  DSC_0137

Fantasy Football began but Lily was less than thrilled.  She sat on Adam’s fantasy football magazine.  He just informed me as I was typing this that his team is going down hill!  Maybe next year hunny :)


Willie turned 1 and we were not able to go to his party, so we made a home visit!  Uncle Adam enjoyed reading his new books with him.  I can’t believe he is a year old.


This little gator guy turned 1 also!  I get to teach with his mom,  Heather everyday.  I have enjoyed watching her two little ones grow up.  We couldn’t miss his Tennessee gator football party.  We also enjoyed seeing their house decked out in orange and blue since his Dad is a die hard Georgia fan.  


Gator football began!  Adam and the farm crew made the HAY GATOR.


DSC_0233  DSC_0286

AB’s the GATORS #1 cheerleader!

DSC_0378  More teacher friends cheering on the Gators…seriously how come they can’t get it together with these gorgeous women cheering for them.  



I know these are random moments in our life, but they have kept us busy.  I hope you all have a wonderful week!



  1. I can't get over the gator...too cute! So nice that you stay in touch with some of our Proteach friends! I hope everyone is doing well. I love Tyler's Might Maintenance as well, but that is what I had when we lived with Danny's parents and I will NEVER be able to shake that smell/feeling.

  2. Love that Gator--my boys love to look at it every time we pass him!!!