Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tampa for a Big Event

Graduates turn your tassels!!!  The phrase every senior with senioritis wants to hear.  My brother, Michael  graduated from high school last Friday, June 4th.  Adam and I headed to Tampa for the big event and his graduation party.  I was excited because this was the first high school graduation I had been to since my own 7 years ago.  It was at a different venue, but I was looking forward to the ceremony and comparing it to what I remembered of my own.  I would have to say it probably was more meaningful now than when I was a 17 year old sitting down on the floor with the graduates.  Some teachers and administrators were the same, and the PHS chorus sang the national anthem, which made me smile.  I was in chorus all four years and loved it, so I sang the anthem quietly as it was sang.  I was proud and I think my parents were relieved when Michael walked across that stage to get his diploma, and he definitely got a shout out even though we were asked not to yell (it was said it embarrasses the graduates).    Later in the day he had a drop in graduation party which was a blast to see people I hadn't seen since our wedding.  In all he is very much loved and people are rooting for him next year as he begins this next phase in his life at College of the Holy Cross.
The stage...I was happy to see ramps and not stairs like mine!

Half the chairs...over 500 students graduated!

Proud Parents!!

Michael walking across the stage!!

Its hard to believe he has graduated high school and is going to college in the fall.  Michael and our parents leave today to go to college orientation until Friday.  I hope they have a good time because orientation makes the college experience finally seem real.  No more cheering for PHS it will be Go Crusaders this fall!!



  1. I enjoyed going back to some our high school graduations too! Happy for your brother!!!!

  2. Congratulations to Michael! What a huge graduation. I love the look on your mom's face!