Saturday, August 29, 2009

So this is where I have been....

Schools out for summer no more! These last few weeks was serious crunch time to get ready for my new first graders. This is where I have been...
Welcome to Whitehurst Islands!
That is what the sign behind me says...thanks to Annie and Annabelle!

LOCKER ROOM! My half of the bathroom hallway! Adam hung those for the students!

The red wall will be my reading wall, but we will add to it as we learn the information.
Check out this amazing bookshelf...guess who built it....the awesome hubby!

Where we will put our reading charts, like "Good Fit Book" anchor posters, etc.

Trying an interactive word wall this year!
Thanks mom and dad for the awesome sight word magnets!

Check out the sweet table! Thanks Danielle!

The STOP LIGHT Chair :(

Math Craziness!! I love to teach math!

I had some helpers along the way! Thanks for your help and your ability to listen to me freak out as the first day of school slowly approached. I can't believe the first week is over, now for me to freak out about Open House! Ha!
The cutest helper around! Aunt Lauren loves her some Annabelle!

Check out the hubby completing a honey do!!

Oh So Proud!! I was so Proud! Thanks for all you do!

Back to the grind of developing little minds! Thank you Lord for this amazing gift!



  1. how luck you are he is able to do that!! danny doesnt know the first thing about "wood crafting" but would like to, if he ever had time to learn!

  2. looks like your room is AMAZING!!!!!!

  3. Your room looks so great! And I love Belle's little leg hiked up there! :)

  4. Woah! You have been busy! Your classroom looks great and I agree, you have a wonderful husband and sister-in-law to help you along the way. Glad to hear you survived the first week!